Welcome to Sounds From The Slammer! A New Prison Music Podcast

Hi Listener!

Welcome to Sounds From The Slammer! I’m so excited to launch this, my first podcast, and am so thrilled I got to work with the highly skilled multimedia journalist and close friend, Angus Mordant.

For now, we can’t tell you the details of how we stumbled onto this brilliant idea. But we’re happy it struck us while working on another project slated for release down the road.

It’s a pretty simple concept for a podcast, to be honest. We’re not really giving you wonderful storytelling, the likes of Sarah Koenig and Ira Glass. We’re still shocked that nobody had ever attempted, or at least published, a podcast about prison music before.

The pilot episode launches the series with a simple format: we interview inmates in some of the most secure prisons in the country and ask them about the music they play while in prison, then air recordings of those tracks in between interviews. In the future, we hope to give you some alternative story formats — just when it seems logical that another episode format should be used.

This ain’t like any news or music podcast you’ve heard before. The interviews can be informative and moving, with inmates emotional they’ve been given a voice and a platform to share their music. The tunes you’ll hear has never been broadcast before.

Keep up with our website and social media for Angus’s compelling images revealing the musical lives of inmates beyond the men and women we’ve interviewed in Sounds From The Slammer. We’ll also post transcriptions and other additional content on our website.

We’d also like to express our gratitude to David Glenney and Colton Crews. These rocking fellas composed our intro and outro musical tracks, which we believe fit the tone of our podcast perfectly. They’re somehow simultaneously ominous and whimsical and a perfect match for what we asked of them.

This podcast would also not have been possible without the utmost support from prison staff, who open their doors and allow us to interview and photograph these inmates—as well as providing recordings of their music at times.

We’ve got a really small team working on this project, really just Angus and I. But if you have any questions for us or the inmates, reach out!

And thank you for being a new listener of Sounds From The Slammer.

Peace and love,

Adam Schrader